Strengthening food security with productive activities in vulnerable populations


  • Determine the state of food and nutritional security or insecurity by collecting data on indicators of populations in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Characterize and identify bioactive compounds with functional and nutritional properties in Amazonian plant and animal species.
  • Prevent anaemia and malnutrition in vulnerable populations through the development of innovative foods such as those fortified with minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds in biopolymer matrix.
  • Strengthen food education and production systems through native foods, bio-gardens and small animal husbandry


Fernando Tello Celis

Eulalia Vargas Tapia

Javier Del Aguila Chavez

Julia Desire Vasquez Angulo

Dora Garcia de Sotero

Julio Pinedo Jimenez

Jessy Patricia Vasquez Chumbe

Alenguer Geronimo Alva Arevalo

Overview of available domains of expertise in the project team

The team is formed by faculty with Master and PhD degrees in food and nutrition, food science and technology, chemical engineering and food science.

The team has experience in research on food safety, functional and nutraceutical food, bioactive principles and food technology.

Comments on the expertise sought for at level of the Flemish HEIs

Nanoencapsulation technology (applied to food and nutrients

Film development (containing antimicrobials and antioxidants)

Identifying probiotics and prebiotics with molecular methodology.

Identify bioactive compounds (present in Amazonian plant species).