Institutional policy changes and logistic improvements: support for research, technology innovation and intellectual property protection


  • Strengthen UNAP’s institutional policy to increase quality scientific research to promote technological innovation and protect intellectual property.
  • Implement the Units of Research Policies and Research Plans, Incubators and Technology Park, technological Innovation and Patents
  • Strengthen the Units of Administrative and Research Services, Publications, Scientific and Technological Exchange Unit.


Waldemar Alegría Muñoz

Jorge Luis Marapara del Águila

Alenguer Gerónimo Alva Arévalo

Viviana Vanessa Pinedo Cancino

Rodil Tello Espinoza

Alberto García Ruiz

Overview of available domains of expertise in the project team

The team includes faculty members who have doctorate in chemical sciences, ecology and physiology, international health. Some of this team have been Deans of Faculties, Department Directors, Directors of university research offices/faculties and leaders of research projects.

Comments on the expertise sought for at level of the Flemish HEIs

Strengthening the institutional policy of the UNAP, increasing scientific research

Strengthening the General Bureau of Investigation of UNAP

Implementation of Research Policies and Plans, Incubators and Technology Parks, Technological Innovation and Patents

Strengthening of the units of Administrative Research

Services, Publications, Unit of Scientific and Technological Exchange.