Innovative strategies interventions and health surveillance of emerging and re-emerging endemic diseases


  • Use innovative technological strategies in diagnosis, treatment and control to improve health, especially of vulnerable populations.
  • Strengthen real-time surveillance of the transmission of endemic infectious diseases in the region.
  • Formulate a health intervention called «AmazonID» that seeks to reduce the incidence of Endemic and (re-)emerging infectious diseases with focus on Dengue, Leptospirosis, Malaria and other infectious diseases in a model community located in the surroundings of Iquitos city.


Karine Zevallos Villegas

Viviana Vanessa Pinedo Cancino

Pedro Marcelino Adrianzen Julca

Rosa Del Carmen Miluska Vargas Rodriguez

Overview of available domains of expertise in the project team

The Project team is composed by four faculty with PhD training in Biology, Chemistry- Pharmacy and Human Medicine. The areas of expertise are clinical epidemiology, molecular biology in infectious diseases, clinical laboratory and public health. We have team leadership, experience on project management >10 years in the Peruvian jungle in collaboration with international institutions. This is an interdisciplinary team from the faculties of Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy and Biochemistry.

Comments on the expertise sought for at level of the Flemish HEIs

Latest generation mixed diagnostic platforms

Veterinary expertise with a focus on wild reservoirs

Disease control including Epidemiological surveillance strategies, epidemiological tools and biostatistics

Genetic epidemiology with focus on population genetics and phylodynamics

Genomic platform for surveillance of infectious diseases

Biotechnology a) industrialization to generate income from routine activities and inputs) b) environmental health in communities without access to drainage and waste disposal services

Social sciences including qualitative research methods