Educational innovation in undergraduate and post grade programs with an emphasis on research, social inclusion and interculturality


  • Develop an educational model specific to UNAP that guides the educational and academic actions and procedures inherent in professional training linked to our national and international context that can allow quality professional training
  • To design a study plan for a postgraduate program in science with the purpose of internationalization, as a tool to achieve a quality and innovative education.
  • To implement and supervise combined education strategies, to train faculty members in innovative teaching methodologies, especially the exchange of experiences and the development of materials, as well as to develop a widely accepted, systemic and transdisciplinary vision that will allow UNAP to be a leading campus with programs and professors recognized for their excellence in scientific research nationally and internationally so that the results of that research will be used for the benefit of the region and the country in general.
  • To implement the centre for Amazonian intercultural development to rescue the ancestral values and culture to be linked to the university, through intercultural tutoring, ethnic museum, cultural identity and research in linguistics.
  • To implement gender equality policies at all levels of university management through programs, projects and activities.


Jessy Patricia Vásquez Chumbe

Pedro Adrianzén Julca

Olga Isuiza Mozombite

Rocío Peña Manuyama

Eulalia Tapia Vargas

Overview of available domains of expertise in the project team

The team include faculty members with Master’s degrees in University Education and Research, with Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Ecology and Chemical Sciences. Some of whom have experience in academic positions such as Department Directors, Vocational School Directors, Academic Affairs Office.

Comments on the expertise sought for at level of the Flemish HEIs

Experience in educational innovation

Support for the implementation of a master’s and doctoral school program in science is required

Assistance to improve the infrastructure and implementation of basic and applied science laboratories. Support for the implementation of the Centre for Intercultural Development.