Development of biotechnological approaches to improve health, strengthen food security and preserve the environment in the Peruvian Amazon


  • Develop low-cost, rapid, sensitive, targeted and applicable point-of-care molecular diagnostic methods for the simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens that cause infectious diseases
  • Generate promising plant/animal omic resources for genetic improvement with modern technologies and ensure food security.
  • Develop sensitive and resilient cellular/molecular biosensors to monitor environmental quality.


Juan Carlos Castro Gómez

Pedro Marcelino Adrianzen Julca

Viviana Vanessa Pinedo Cancino

Liliana Ruiz Vásquez

Jorge Luis Marapara Del Aguila

Overview of available domains of expertise in the project team

Our research team has experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, plant biotechnology, basic bioinformatics, and immunology.

Comments on the expertise sought for at level of the Flemish HEIs

Molecular diagnostic methods based on the CRISPR/Cas system and other innovative and modern methods.- Multipurpose bioassay platforms (for the bioprospection of antiparasitic and antiviral bioactive compounds, etc).

Mass propagation methods for wooden and herbaceous plants.

Multiomic analysis, experts in bioinformatics and genetic improvers with experience in the use of CRISPR/Cas technology among other modern and eco-friendly methods will be required.

Cellular/molecular biosensors for environmental quality monitoring

For the development of bioremediation systems for environments polluted with oil and heavy metals.